Formula E - Round 07 - Monaco

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Talk about a complete blur!  Monaco came & went stupendously fast, hard to believe I was even there.  Dan Bathie took up photography duties on the Thursday & Friday for Current E, I rocked up on Friday night at 11pm and left the track by 7pm after the race on Saturday, what a diva!  

It wasn't business as usual as I spent the entire day in the pit lane while Dan concentrated on track shots, I had no idea what was going on nor where I was going half the time!  You could tell from the organisation that the Monaco circuit was very media friendly.  The marshals had a great system of allowing media and officials to cross the pit lane using flags and alarms, as long as you didn't play chicken with a car.  It may seem like a minor issue, but not being able to cross from the garage side to the barrier side would have hurt everyone a lot.  Also, the catch fencing was much lower than other races, the traditional Formula E concrete block was replaced with regular armco barrier no more than 2 feet high; panning shot heaven...well done Monaco!

I had heard horror stories about the weather being dull & overcast from Dan, but Saturday morning could not be better.  I had checked on (I highly recommend this website to show you sunlight direction anywhere in the world at all times of the day) that the sun would be beaming directly into the garages in the morning, which would add a great dimension to the garage shots, I wasn't wrong.  The problem with low sunlight is you only have about 30 minutes of it before it loses its effect, so the limited time has to be utilised wisely.

I enjoyed the grid a lot more than previous races, Dan had made his way to the 1st corner ready for the race start, so I didn't have to worry about that shot, so I stayed on the grid until I got thrown off by Prince Albert's finest security guards.

As for the race itself, I didn't see the 1st corner carnage, but I did see the aftermath as some 5 cars came through the pit lane with chunks of bodywork missing, I was worried about Bruno as he hadn't come through and rumours were floating about that his car went upside down, but you have to take those with a pinch of salt....listen hard enough & someone will claim to have seen Elvis!

All in all, it was a great race up front, the fight for 2nd was fantastic towards the end of the race, I was on the inside of the final corner, Lucas was absolutely flying through there to maintain his 2nd position, as Nelson hustled like mad.

Europe is Formula E's home & the crowd presence was even more intense then the USA rounds, it's great to see the grandstands full & the championship gaining much deserved momentum.

Check out my Monaco gallery here