Where it all began...

I cannot believe it's been just 18 months since my first article and pictures first hit the public domain, thanks to the lads at Badger GP.  I can safely say the amount that I have learnt about Formula 1 photography in the last 2 years is insane.

2 years back I took my first 'proper' dedicated F1 trip to Barcelona with a fellow upcoming photographer.  4 days, 7000 pictures, 6000 of which went in the bin, but I suppose thats the whole point of starting something.  12 months later I was accredited, but I'll talk about that some other time.

This blog is to really highlight one thing, Badger GP.  Now I've been on twitter a few years now and I've come across the good, the bad and the occasional ugly, but the ultimate good came from the Badger lads.  They were one of the first accounts I started following and what a bunch of genuinely lovely guys.  Adam, who is chief editor, was the man who started commenting on my shots and ultimately I asked him if I could use their site as a place I could talk about upcoming photographers in F1.  Now let's not get too excited, ultimately I can arrange anything I want, but if the pictures are terrible, then I'm not getting anywhere!  

But it all worked out rather nicely actually.  I attended their Badger bashes in London where 100 F1 fans watch a race live on a big screen in a pub or sports bar, its a lot of fun, I met the team and we all got on like a house of fire (or should I say a Renault engine overheating).

Now I look at my shots from my non accreditation days and even though 75% of them I think to myself, what was I thinking, I did take some shots which I can't even believe I took through a fence, over someones head or from a ditch.  I used to take care of those lenses so much more though since they were rented.

Good times though, nice to see their new style website coming along nicely, do check it out www.badgergp.com.  Do check out my first article, its a good laugh when I read it back now!

Finally a special thanks to everyone in Badger GP, especially Adam the chief editor who I hound for accreditation for every test and race I can get my hands on!  it's all worth it though

Source: http://badgergp.com/2012/10/chasing-the-dream-f1-photography/